The Best Microphone For Ham Radio

If you’re unsatisfied with the quality of the in-built microphone in your ham radio, then you could certainly use an upgrade. For us, the best microphone for ham radio is the Chrome Delta M2 Amplified Dynamic Power Base Microphone.

We love its design, performance, and user-friendliness. Plus, it’s going to take up barely any space in your ham radio station.

The right microphone is not only one that offers the competent sound quality, but one that boasts ease of use and overall durability. So, we’ve selected the rest of our picks in microphones with an emphasis on those factors.

Best Microphones for Ham Radio

To help you pick among the finest microphones out there, we’ve reviewed our top recommendations in this section.

Chrome Delta M2 Amplified Dynamic Power Base Microphone

Despite its relative anonymity in comparison to bigger names, the Chrome Delta M2 has steadily gained popularity in recent years. Equipped with a traditional design, this microphone is able to deliver high-quality audio to your listeners at an affordable price.

One look at the mic’s robust metal body will give you an idea of its dependable durability. The die-cast cardioid dynamic head will stand out to anyone who knows something about microphones. The idea of a plastic microphone does not appeal to many people; if you’re one of them, you’ll like this one. 

Adjusting modulation and tone is a walk in the park with this mic, thanks to the easily accessible control panel at the foot of the mic. And don’t worry about how it’s going to be powered, because it comes with an A/C adapter.

You will no doubt appreciate this mic’s low impedance capability and crystal clear sound. And once you’re done, simply flip the on/off switch and be on your way. It’s that easy, and it’s perfect for the aspiring amateur RJ.

Original Baofeng UV-82 2 Dual PTT Speaker Mic

Baofeng is a name easily recognizable to any enthusiast of radio equipment. This dual push-to-talk mic from them is one of the most sought-after budget ham microphones. If you’re looking for a super high-quality mic, though, you might want to spend a little bit more on a different mic.

The reason we love this mic so much is primarily for its high audio report, which it delivers dependably even in loud surroundings. So if you frequently have multiple guests over on your radio show, this is a suitable choice.

The mic’s dual PTT function is probably the most important determinant of its popularity. You will be able to enjoy communication on two channels simultaneously while using the clip system to attach the mic to your shoulder— convenience and usability wrapped into one!

Although this mic doesn’t provide the best sound quality out there, its affordability and overall functionality make it a top choice if you are on a budget, or are in the beginning stages of setting up your ham radio station.

Ranger SRA-198 Chrome Edition

Our final pick today is a reiteration of the last mic we reviewed, the Ranger SRA-198. This one, though, is the chrome edition, and it has certainly and justly made a name for itself in the world of amateur radio.

Using this mic is a bonafide pleasure thanks to the 4-pin connection system; this, combined with the highly tensile coiled cable, will give you the impression of using a high-quality microphone. It attaches easily to any stand or holder and picks up audio with almost absolute noise cancellation.

While the housing of this mic is also made from plastic (like our last pick), it comes with a chrome plating to enhance durability and ensure that you can use this mic for many years to come. And it undeniably looks very luxe, so it’s definitely a worthy aesthetic addition to your ham radio station.

The lack of a PTT function might be a dealbreaker  to some users, but the traditional design of this microphone is one of the best you will find at this price.

Who Is This for?

Ham radio microphones are perfect for amateur radio enthusiasts who are looking to step up their game by enhancing the quality of their audio transmission. 

Maybe you’ve been testing the waters in the world of amateur radio, and now you’re ready to step it up. Or maybe you’re looking for a replacement after your mic has worn itself out over years of use. In either case, a microphone can vastly improve your radio transmission quality.

The microphones we have selected today are also ideal for use by those of you who are concerned that the quality of their radio’s built-in microphone is not up to par. 

But why should rich radio enthusiasts get to have all the fun? Making a radical difference in the delivery quality of your content can be as simple as investing in a durable, high-quality microphone for your radio.

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